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Complaint-review: Karyn Jesser - Karyn Ruth Jesser is a Fraud

Karyn Jesser
Karyn Ruth Jesser is a Fraud

Beware of Karyn Ruth Jesser! Not reputable, not trustworthy, and not moral. She tried to scam me out of a lot of money. Filed false reports to authorities. She even deceived her own friends and family by filing fictitious go fund me pages for legal defense she never secured, and seemingly pocketed the money. As immoral and ...

Bevello Management
Garbage Lists

This company boasts great lists of people who made inquiries for financial services within a two week period. What I received was 35% wrong and disconnected numbers along with poor prospects. Bevello guarantees a profit within 60 days of using the list. When I contacted them prior to the 60 day period, about the poor quality, ...

Hezi Torati

Hezi Torati and his various companies are fronts for defrauding gullible investors. He does not pay his employees none of whom last more than a month nor does he pay money he owes to creditors for services and even his landlord! ...