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Horrible Customer Service - Fireplace Insert

Please look at the reviews of appliance connection before you buy. They will take your money and promise for weeks to ship. They break all their promises advertised. I will have to file with my credit card company to get my money back. Go to legitimate retailers if you want your product with no hassles. I will never do business ...

Samsung 75 " TV quit working - Samsung 75" 3d tv

Called customer service and was told service tech would contact us next day with a 2 hour window. Next day, no call! Called them and was told it would be the NEXT day. The next day still no call. Contacted customer service again and was told it would be NEXT day!!! Asked to speak to supervisor, "in meeting". Left name and ...

Allegiant Air
Vacation policy

We have been using them for years and this year my wife was admitted into a hospital and was determined she had blood clots in her leg and lungs. She was released but the doctor said she should not fly because most airlines are not ready to handle medical emergency in flight if something was to go wrong. He even gave us a note ...

Name says it all Cons! - Apple mac book pro

Dont go there! They act like they are giving you great credit, but they tack on agronomical finance charges to thier merchandise. I purchased a computer for 1500.00, In the end, they want me to pay 2500.00 for it by the time I pay for it. I doubled my first payment to make the payments go faster and it did not reflect anything ...