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Charge Extra For Request Hair Stylist

Supercuts charges $2.00 extra if you request a certain stylist to cut your hair. Why are return customers penalized for this? Supercuts should be happy that customers return and not upset them because they have returned and request/like a particular stylist. Last evening the person who has previously cut my hair was on duty ...

Tapjoy tricks! -

There was an offer that says i need to create an account on a movie site and start 7 days trail. And i did and i check my offer status after 24 hours. It says that my offer is not completed. I wrote a ticket and said that i did complete and they ask me to prove that i registed and started 7 days trail. They wanted me send them ...

Surveys are just data mining spammers

I play an app called Covet. There is an option to earn 'Diamonds' for use as currency in this app. Tapjoy advertises for these surveys, which are page after page of questions that you have to answer. More often than not you come to a page, after completing over 20 pages, that has no option to order to collect your ...