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Davids Bridal
" job"?

Horrible experience! First, the sales girl brought me dresses that were way too big, and argued when I said I needed a smaller size, and her solution to make them fit better was for me to get a " job". Second, when I chose a dress, the sales girl argued with my mother and I about ordering a bigger size, we said no but she ...

Davids Bridal
Unresponsive custome service

I tried to reach customer service with a question about returns. I had called a store and a very annoyed salesperson gave me information that conflicted with information online, when I questioned that, she gave me customer service number and hung up. When I tried to reach customer service, I waited 41 minutes the first time, ...

Davids Bridal
David's Bridal Customer Serivice

I am so disappointed in David's Bridal Langley. I purchased my dress from the Burlington, WA location and was happy with that, BUT LANGLEY?! I took my dress in there to be altered and gave them three months to do it. The night before I was supposed to go an pick it up, they called and said they were overbooked and wanted me to ...