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Debonairs Pizza
Dissapointed in Service

Good Day I would like to complain about bad service I received today. This is actually not the 1st time its happened and the other times I let it slip as I understand how busy it can get but almost every time is really not acceptable anymore. I ordered my0 food at 18:26 on 28 Feb 2015 and received my order at 19:38. This is ...

Baby City
Excuses Excuses

Bought my baby's nursery furniture when setting it up found that that the drawer was broken en that the cot did not have the correct parts! After phoning and trying to get this sorted when they finally after 2 weeks confirmed they had the items on arrival the drawer was discontinued and we had to drive to other stores to ...


I had this issue a while ago of a high bill. Last month was over R400 again, and I have put a cap on this. R712 has now been debited off my account. With a cap on it! It is getting worse! I went on twice in Feb! My automatic updates are off. I went on to check my usage and it says I still have 114mb so where does R712 come ...

Rochester Home Deco
Customer ignored

On 5/2/2015 I visited the Rochester store at Carnival Mall intending to buy a large ticket item. On entering 2 staff members walked right past me, ignoring me completely. They went to the front desk and engaged in a discussion with a third person and stood their drinking out of a cup. I was the only one in the store. I stood ...

Diabolical service

Diabolical service. My line goes down every 10 days and I have no internet access. Line down Mon 23 feb - not fixed now Friday 27 feb. Try to call telkom - no answer Wed after 23 minutes waiting spoke to Rebotile at 19:20 - spent an hour on the phone - not resolved - said someone from high level support would call - ref number ...