City: Centurion Mall
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Spur Steak Ranches
Spur service

On Thursday we went to Spur Centurion Mall to have the Ribs - eat as much as you can. We were four (4) people. The waiter served us the Ribs and drinks. After a while we requested the second round of ribs. This was when the waiter disappeared. We waited for 25 minutes, however the waiter never pitched up again. No one asked if ...

Ad service

Hi there. I have been waiting now almost a month and a half for my phone that has broke. The phone was just freezing up while I finished a call. I am still waiting for my phone. The people don't come back to me with some feet back on my phone and I am getting very upset. My family cant get hold of me and I do have insurance on ...

Total circus

Edgars, Centurion Mall has quite a high staff count, yet most of them are walking around doing nothing, or sitting around pretending to be busy. I am also extremely disgusted with the staff that do actually work. The store is also a complete mess, disorganised and untidy. From a store that has 'upped its game, ' I am very ...

Shoe City
No 10's ever in Stock

4 years living this side I could only obtain a pair of black Mancini shoes about twice. As for other brands and makes... Never. Now for the kicker... I walk into Shoe City Centurion (still flaunting the broken Mancini's size 10 I could find on my last adventure there). I locate the shoes same as I have now, NO 10's. The pair ...