City: Centurion Mall
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MTN Pass the Buck

MTN do not provide the service that I am paying for 3G/LTE. On trying to phone the #173, no English or Afrikaans. When you do get through to an operator it is a question from being transferred from one person to another with no result. On visiting an store Centurion Mall MTN, thinks got even worse. First greeting was rude as. ...

Ad customer service

Visited ster kinekor centurion mall on 28 February 2015 to watch the 2:30pm show, 50 shades of grey. Standing in the line to book tickets and buy coke and popcorn since 1:45pm. Only to get to the front of the line at 2:40pm and the person serving tells me that they are only accepting cash, no cards accepted. So I asked him why ...