City: Centurion Mall
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MTN has become no better than the government.

Walking into mtn centurion to see 2 service agents when their are 5 available counters and a full store of customers, i already anticipated problems. Sitting in the queue for 45 minutes was a pleasure compared to the following. My phone was 2 weeks ago which meant naturally i needed a new sim card. I go to MTn to get a sim swap ...

Most Disappointing store to deal with

My Wife Just had a baby and she received many gifts, of which 3 of the gifts were breast pumps, 2 of the breast pumps was purchased from game, i returned the other one to another store without any issues, i kept 1 and needed to return the other as we have no use for it, all of the seals are still on the box, it was never opened ...

Out of Stock

I recently signed a Telkom Contract with Telkom Centurion Mall for a Sony Xperia Z3 only to realise that they do not have any stock. Since signing the contract I have not had any contact from Telkom as to the progress of my order. At the same time the 2 telephone numbers 012 663 9770 and 012 663 3701 are constantly unavailable ...

Growing old in the queue at Absa

Off we went to Absa at Centurion Mall, to FICA our kids' accounts and amend some details on long term savings instruments. We joined the queue at 10h30 on the dot. Only two (out of four) enquiries desks were manned. Systems were slow. Almost a full hour later, the Missus reached the desk. It then took a further 25 minutes to ...

Phone needs repai

I bought an S4 on a 24 month contract at Autopage online and it was delivered to me. It started giving me a problem of switching off since November 2014. I have taken it for repairs to them for the third time on 22 January 2015 with the same problem with no luck as it comes back with the same short, I haven't had a ...