City: Centurion Mall
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Poor Network Connection

I got into a contract with Telkom Mobile for the 10GB 10GB Internet deal which comes with a Huawei LTE wi-fi router for R469/pm. This contract was signed in September 2014. Upon signing the the contract, it was confirmed that my area (The Reeds, Centurion) has LTE connectivity. I have been using the device since then, and the ...

Shoe City
Laybye complain

Dimakatso in shoe city (Centurion mall) entered only 5 of the items for lay bye I made in December and promise I will get the shoes January when I come to fetch the laybye but when I was there the were no shoes I reminded her about what happened she's the one who did not enter them and I showed her the mistake but she said the ...

No Ice Cream In Stock

I stopped at the drive through for a small ice cream cone at McDonald's opposite Centurion Mall. After waiting in the queue, I was informed that the don't have ice cream in stock. This is not an isolated incident at this branch as I've experienced this very same issue at the same branch on at least 2 previous occasions during ...

Appalling service

A friend and I went for drinks at this particular place last night, we were given menus and waited 20 minutes for any service, we didn't notice that it had been so long as we were in conversation. When someone eventually came to our table, he started apologizing and we thought we were finally getting service, it turned out he ...