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Zerowater - Excellent filte

I started using this product a year ago. Before I used a Brita. I had previously purchased a meter and uszed it and the meter supplied with the picture. Both read the same. I am on well water with high ppm counts. Over 200. I change the filter when it gets in the 50 area. Longer than the recommend for sure but still much ...

Quality of good and slow service

I visited steers the one in Ferndale village on the 25/02/2015 and for starters their service was slow I got there at 19:00 and it took them 45 minutes to make my order and when I got to work I had a nasty surprise the quality of their chips was horrible they were not fresh and it looked like they gave me chips from last week I ...

Shocking service

KFC on Malibongwe provides the most shocking service. 2 weeks ago my boyfriend and I bought dunked wings and left after we got the order. When we got him and opened the box we found DRY wings, so much for it being called DUNKED WINGS. We drove back there and spoke to the lady at the counter and she exchanged them, not even ...