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I complaint on the 15/12/2014 about the contract I signed and to date I had no responce from telkom besides having escaling my query (SM76285). Does this mean that I would not be getting the phones. If you cannot keep up with demand then why advertise as I heard this is false advirtising as you do not have stock of what you ...

Mobile Contract

I signed a contract on the 5th of December as I was advised that only if I sign they will order stock and it should take at most a week. It is now 10 days after I signed and still no responce from the Telkom office. I even went in once to check and still nothing. Just wish to know if ever my phones will come and will I be ...


On the 18 of October 2014 I took a contract phone with Vodacom and on the 25 October 2014 I went and cancel the contract but the manager refused. I called the customer care and they said I have a right to cancel the contract within 14 day, and only pay for the airtime. The consultant explained to the manager but he still ...