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Chicken Express
Selling raw food

I went into a local branch of Chicken Express to get some chicken. I started to eat and noticed that the chicken was raw. I asked to speak to the manager and was told that there was no manager. The guy then later admitted that he lied and he was the manager but he couldnt help, other than give me a refund. He did acknowledge ...

Danone project

I have not been paid for taking part in the project of this company. And now they do now response to my emails. Feel completely cheated. If required can provide more details. Email of my coordinator ...

Cards Galore
Awful customer service

I warn people not to buy from Cards Galore!!! I bought a bikini without trying it on at Stratford Station on the 28th of July. The girl who sold me it reassured me i would be able to return it within 14 days if i keep the receipt (this was the reason i bought it in the first place as i wasn't sure about the size). I came back ...

Very Bad Customer Care, unreliable

Do not use this website. Despite buying tickets in April 15 I was not sent anything until a few days before the concert. Nobody answered my emails for days. To be completely honest, to date, with 3 days left to the concert, I still don't have my tickets although they assured me they were sent out yesterday. It has been a very ...