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Saxton 4x4
Complete waste of time

Emails, calls, messages all ignored. Failure to correct faults. Still waiting for call back Now contacting warranty company along with other garages. If you are thinking of buying a car from saxton DONT We have listed 73 emails over 100 calls days and hours. This garage may look impressive clean and smart but that's where ...

Taking my money without consent

I bought WinZip to open something a lawyer had sent me. After that, I tried to use it for sending material including invoices, but none of my customers could open it! I decided not to renew, but I recently got an email from WinZip saying they had taken $99.99 from my account without sending me an invoice or renewal invitation. ...

DH Gate Scumbags stole my money

Given a fake tracking number by seller and DHGate confirmed this in an email. All they said was that the seller (ibaby888) has been punished for it, how? They never said. Then they told me to contact the seller to resolve, seller was unhelpful and then didn't return any messages. The invoice in the package mentioned a ...