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Leaking Rowenta Model 1750W

I've used Rowenta Irons for many years. This 1750W does not stand up to my past Rowenta Irons. It leak many times all over the items I'm ironing. I've tried adjusting the steam, the material gauge and the amount of water I put in the iron. It's very irritating when the clothing has large patch of water all over them. What and ...

Holiday Inn

Went to our room put out two month old to bed shut the lights off with just tv on and boom what scurries along the ceiling into the overhead smoke detector? A roach! I called front desk we were moved but had to re put infant back to sleep and stay up all night making sure no creepy crawl ies went near her, we were not comped ...

Enterprise Car Rental
Over charged rental

I rented a car for the weekend at the interprize in marlboro massachusetts store got the car on friday 5 pm and returned on sunday 5 pm, the store was closed then i droped the key in a drop box because the store was closed When i checked i saw they over charged me for 3 days The maneger told me because they are closed on ...