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Review from Sharpsburg, Georgia

The service at our house has gotten worse and worse through the years. We haven't moved or changed plans. My old phone stopped getting service so I bought a new one. Got great cell service! But within the next few weeks the service got terrible again. It just keeps getting worse and we honestly don't live that far from the ...

Failed to honor advertisement

Ad featured Buy one get one free and price on bottom of ad showed 2.49 a pound. Was charged 5.99 a pound. Made a complaint and was Publix refused to make it right after admitting the ad was confusing. I have email from Publix below From: customer. Subject: Publix Reply - Case Ref # 46893 Date: July 23,2012 ...

Serta Mattress
Read Serta Guarantee Before you buy!

Purchased a mattress from HHGregg by Serta. Serta advertises that you have a 30 day try it policy. If you don't like it you may return the mattress. What they don't tell you is that you don't get your money back. You incur a 20% "restocking fee" and you must purchase a mattress of equal or greater value. So now you are out the ...