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Eurotech Football Centre Ltd UK
Fantastic Academy

I have just come across a complaint regarding Eurotech Football Academy in the UK. Let me start by saying that the content detailed is totally and utterly untrue. My boy attended Eurotech Academy for nearly 18 months from 2014 to late 2015 and he enjoyed the experience hugely and although his dream of being a soccer player was ...

Dave Cote, Honeywell International CEO
Offered to allow me to work from home earning $1000 at end of month and 10% from every transaction I cashed for them and sent via western union to their accounts payable office

I received several emails offers from DAVE COTE, HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL, INC. I have copied them below. I was unsure of this when I first saw an email like this because I have seen many that are similar, but this one seemed more legitimate than the others; however, each time I asked questions about the job opening-I NEVER GOT ...

Woodside Group - Mark Owens - Paul Moore
Woodside Group - Mark Owens, Paul Moore They sent fake Money Orders! From USPS, Money Gram, etc

This are the email that they send me: 1. RE: APPLICATION APPROVED (reply now) Hello, Thanks for getting back to us promptly, your application is been processed and after all necessary check has been done, we are satisfied, I would want you to know that you would be getting the first set of payment this week WEDNESDAY and also ...