Country: Mauritius
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First National Bank
FNB takes my money

I had a problem with FNB in November and only after I had contacted you did they refund me. R18,00 was taken from my account then when I was in Mauritius. Now I am back in Mauritius again. Yesterday for the first time I withdraw Rs1,000 Rupee. I knew I had no more money in my account. I was waiting for money from hotels. I had ...

Samsung South Africa
Swollen battery

I am from Mauritius and bought a samsung galaxy s4 (GT-i9500) 4 months ago (september 2014). The battery has now seriously swollen over the past few days and the screen is slightly bulging out. It overheats a lot and drains real fast. The battery S/N starts with AA and not BD as from the various reports. Could you please help ...

Telkom has the worst service

I asked social media time and time again, I wish to receive my outstanding bill. I am being ignored by social media. I told them to cancel one account and they cancel both. I request to receive my bill they ignore me. Its been two months. Telkom is the worst service provider I have ever had the disfortune to encounter. Sort out ...

The Worst Service I have ever had

I have to accounts with 057 573 1447 and 012 661 4858 both with ADSL. I wish to cancel with 012 661 4858 with the ADSL. I am in Mauritius till December. I phoned the international nr 5 times during office hours but no one answered. I phoned billing department. I sent two emails and no one has responded. To my query. I wish for ...