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I phoned Multichoice two months ago regarding my account. We have been paying for a third decoder for the past two years which we don't have and they keep on disconnecting us now for the past two months due to account being in arrears, which in fact we are in credit. After phone calls on a weekly basis, reconnecting on a weekly ...

Oliver Darnell
Refuse to pay back deposit

I never make complaints, but this time Happy Rhino Hotel in Cape Town, has gone just too far! The owners Amy Collinson and Oliver Darnell operate in the most unethical manner. Besides the fact that you do not get what you pay for, they refuse to pay deposits back, they breach their contracts, duck and dive when you try to see ...

Ford pintown
Engine mailfunction

They refuse to assit with a curtacy car with a car they sold us nearly lost my family because of them. My holiday is in a mess because of that. Engin mailfunction on a freeway is no joke! They say they will fix it but how long must i sit without car to go shop or do things with my kids unexceptable! Want answers want some done ...