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QNA for MS 417 Useless

Questions were not even covered in the test and I subsequently failed the exam. Contacted them to follow up on the guarantee, they said the exam would be updated in 2-3 weeks. Waited to verify and all they did was change the updated date without changing any content. Used to be a customer but never again. Don't waste your ...

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Sed fringilla mauris sit amet

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Amid a Slump, a Crackdown for Venezuela

CARACAS, Venezuela — For a glimpse into Venezuela’s economic disarray, slip into a travel agency here and book a round-trip flight to Maracaibo, on the other side of the country, for just $16. Need a book to read on the plane? For those with hard currency, a new copy of “50 Shades of Grey” goes for $2.50. Forget your ...