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Nuwave Oven

I have purchased two domes. They Both melted from the heat as well as split in two or more places. I feel that the company should replace the domes. Surely they have domes made of improved materials to replace these old style domes. My domes lasted no time at all and I do not want to keep buying new domes. I have raved about ...

Killer Motorsports
Scam, ripoff, lie's cheats

I purchased a 2013 Odes UTV online from Killer Motorsports on December 17 2012. The web site said that the UTV would be shipped within 5 days and shipping would be free. On January 2nd I recieved a e-mail from Killer Motorsports that my UTV would be ready to ship on January 3rd. On January 7th I sent another e-mail asking if ...

No customer service

I signed up for Centurylink in the end of October (3 months ago) and have nothing good to say about using this company. My parents use Centurylink with no hassle, so I assumed that great customer service would extend to every aspect of their business - boy, was I wrong. I have a bundled package with Centurylink and DirectTV, ...