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ASDA Bexleyheath
Bad customer service

You have really grumpy old woman working in your store she has no manners couldn't take her name as she kept hiding her name badge... Honestly she doesn't deserve to work there she has bad customer service... She's quite short wrinkley skin and really impatient ...

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Looked like i been done too!

Ordered a signs last week, went to change the order next day then nothing. No artwork, phone call and emails not replied too. How can companies be allowed to trade like this, off to Trading Standards tomorrow also been in contact with my credit card company to get my money back. The firm also trades under the following ...

Worst rip-off of my entire life!

Purchased a new cd and tape player for my husband's birthday on Amazon as his old one had given up the ghost. Was offered a "free trial" of Beautemer and Stemologica facial cream so thought OK sounds like a fair deal. Within days my account had been debited £200. I was outraged. Got in touch with the company online cancelled he ...