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ALFA AGRIC TRADINGS represented by Hendrick De Beer are engaged in FRAUD. They are scammers. They receive advance and do not supply goods. They represent a network of African scammers including ZA RBW GOLD PTY LTD, ASRAL IMPORT & EXPORT (PTY) LTD, JAMKOM MULTI TRADING (Pty) Ltd, Jakam Multi Trading, Sunstar Investments, Rbw ...

Attorneys and Lawyers
Motor accident

Hi i was invold in a car accident about some years ago so i put in a claim with the lawyers from harman/attoneys in pietersburg limpopo but never heard anything from the lawyers till today, all i know is that they paid some of the bills for the doctors and i think also for the hosp / but nothing for my own personal treatments ...

United Cash Loans
Ucl cash loans

Stay away from ucl cash loans it is a scam i lost 2500 thousand rand they steealing your money got the proof on emails They make you promises and after they got money out of you they ask for more before you can get your loan yoy never get a loan they just smile because a person are to fall for there jokes so please stay away ...