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Health and safety

This Estate agent would leave you to suffer. I report numerous incidents of repair and they never do things on stated timescale. I had been left with no lights or hot water due to a faulty switchboard for 4 days as the landlord didn't bother sending a electrican as arranged. I was left almost a month with no cooker when it ...

ASDA Coatbridge
Face didn't fit

Self service check out woman was too busy to help me but helped another woman without prompting, after I asked for assistance I was told I would just have to wait! After a while she came over and said nothing but then locked eyes in an aggressive stare contest and then confronted me "what did you say?" After not having said ...

Danone project

I have not been paid for taking part in the project of this company. And now they do now response to my emails. Feel completely cheated. If required can provide more details. Email of my coordinator ...