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LivePerson/Kasanba "Spiritual Master Psychic" and "Honest Readings by Maryia" are artist

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I feel that some of these "experts" need thereapy and development themselves or get another job in a diferent field.

However not every reader on the internet is like that there are some honest and straight forward people operating in this industry making a living, whilist I apreciate that no one is 100% accurate and like everyone else psychics have good and bad days. We all work hard so we expect value for our money.

You should only have readings every 6-12 months unless otherwise needed. There are more valuable and pruductive things to do with your money such as: sort yourself out, write down your goals, go to the sales, learn a new language or skill whether it's in lectures or online which may even be free, watch tv, reaserch a subject of your interest on the internet or on in the library clean your home, cook a tasty meal and try to socialize with nice people if you can.

I would like warn about 2 "experts" on LP which are "Spiritual Master Psychic" and "Honest Readings by Maryia" just be aware that they can change they usernames at any time and even reply to this report with a bunch of excuses. These people took advantage of my situation to scam me.

Unfortunately due to certain reasons I am not going to disclose on here the reasons why I contacted them but I can tell you that at the time I was under stress and emotionally run down. "Spiritual Master Psychic" has all 5* which is unsuall what happens is that this "expert" feeds the clients with sweet stories telling you what you would like to hear and then customers get too excited to give them 5* straight away insted of wait and see you should consider this very carefully because once you submit a rate and comment you can't change. There may also be a chance that the "expert" get friends to give fake reviews and twist things around.

I contacted this "expert" and explained my situation and I was told a load of lies and I also asked to do some healing on me and my situation which the "expert" claimed to be "powerful" sent an initial fee to start with and promised that would return and never did every day was asking me to contact on chat and was asking for money evey day to "buy things" eventually I ignored the emails sent as I saw no results whatsoever and not even a shifting energy. I also remember reading a review of someone that said that "she" ("spiritual master psychic") lied and he was about to be eviceted from his apartment and apparently "spiritual master psychic" previously said that everything would be fine.

I also think that at the time I used to contact this "expert" there was also someone recieving works which was probably a as well.

Then I noticed that "spiritual master psychic" wasn't logging in for about a month and the gap of one month in between the reviews suggests that.

I read some of this "expert" past reviews and he used to go by the name of "Alan" or" Aaron", and has a profile picture of a female or transvety to target more vunerable people but I can defnitly tell you that this "expert" is male because men read difrently.

And on his profile he claims " I have helped people all over the world and have even worked with royalty in other countries and government officials"

LOL when a psychic says that "is international well known" read for "celebreties" or "royals" why are they working on such sites on the internet surely most of us would have heard of them if that were true and a simply google search can tell you that.

Watch out for these two

Later I contacted "Honest Readings by Maryia" she seemed honest and accurate to begin with quoted a few prices, I agreed and as soon as she got my money she stoped answering my calls and never replied to my emails. She seems to be currently inactive and no longer has a profile picture and as per 24th of December 2013 her last review was on the 20th of july 2013 These people are both charlatans they are good at conning people specially when one is emotionally vunerable they take advantage of the situation and when a customer complains about the service they come up with excuses like: "It takes time", "it doesn't always work", "some people don't have the ability to feel the healing" whilist I understand that in some cases is true the patritioner should refund all or part of the money or redo the work free of charge and make sure the correct and/or approriate procedure is taken accordingly. At least that's how reputable healers and spiritualist work and they won't do a job that's not worth doing such as: making the person you're obcessed with fall in love with you or marry you, make you win the lottery, make you a CEO when you don't have the qualities in the first place, get your child in a top school etc, it does not work like that at all. A lot of these business say that readings are for entertainment purpouses to cover themselves but a custumer doesn't see it that way. I can understand refusing to answer questions on health including pregnancy, legal or finances (not to be confused with work). Because things can turn either way. Could go on for hours but I think I have shared and advised enough and I am sure a lot of people can relate to this.

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Offender: Liveperson

   State: England   City: Crawley
Address: 462 7th Avenue
Phone: 2126094273
Site: www.liveperson.com

Category: Construction & Repair


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