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Blackstar Roofing

Blackstar Roofing Ltd repaired my parents home, replacing all shingles and 3/8 plywood in may of 2003. The invoice states a 10 year workmanship gaurentee. Over the past 6 months we've had a water leak from the roof which falls in between the walls of two bedrooms that are side by side. It can be heard dripping when it rains. ..., Hardwood Floor Depot
Ripoff ordered flooring promised in 10 days, never received, does not return phone calls or email

Ordered flooring, was given one date of deliver and was promised tracking info for carrier. Did not receive, so I contacted the company - was told "Oh i shipped that yesterday I'll get you tracking info asap" Did not answer any more emails or calls after that - never received tracking info - threatened to dispute the charge - ...

Holt Geraniums

I was surprise to read the exact same story about Holt Geraniums. March 2005 I have sent a money postal order but never received anything in return, even after having e-mailed them asking why they wouldn't send anything. I even send them a letter and post office photocopy of proof they had received the money but they never ...