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Kiss the Bride (KTB) Weddings
KTB Weddings Ezra Primack is the ULTIMATE wedding photographer CON ARTIST! Ezra hijacks couples' wedding days and holds photos hostage.

To see the screen shots I saved of all my text messages with Ezra and see his shady-ness for yourself, click here to view the album of photos: https://picasaweb. Google.com/111981800743651957310/TruLavieFormerlyKTBWeddingsTextsWithEzra? Authuser=0&feat=directlink. Ezra Primack of Kiss the Bride (KTB) Weddings is a horrible, ...

Jeffrey Heart (Haber)- Jeffrey Heart DJ's, Metro Event Group, Video - Masters Ect
Do Not Hire, He never provided me with a copy of my wedding DVD in which I paid in full.

For my wedding in May 2008, I hired Jeffrey Heart (Haber), to be the videographer at the event. It is now November, and I still have not received the DVD's in which I paid in full, and I fear I never will. Jeffrey (if that is in fact his real name), will not return my phone calls, or emails, and it avoiding me becuase he know ...

Ya Ya Creations
Efavormart We were hoodwinked! False description of material and craftsmanship! Shipping is beyond unreasonable and packaging is poor. Ripoff

My fiance and I purchased 100 personalized 4X6 satin favor bags from Ya Ya creations, via efavormart.com, for our wedding reception on March 18,2007. The company posts that the order is custom personalized and can take up to 4 weeks to receive from time of order acknowledgement. I received an email 2 days after we ordered the ...