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Owen Wraxall - the Marketing Guy
Owen Wraxall the Marketing Guy Marketing Weasel a Year Late with Website, though paid in advance

Owen Wraxall, 'the Marketing Guy' is nothing of the sort. Whatever he says... It's not true. Whatever he shows you... It's not so. Whatever time line you think you have agreed upon? It's just not the case. This shameless fraudster has killed my business by not delivering a website. A website which was to be the very heart of ...

Italian Armani
Con Artists Fake armani jacket

I was approached by 2 Italian men at an Esso gas station at Bayview and Sheppard in Toronto Ontario on Feb 08,2008. As you may have heard in other reports, they claimed to be designers from Italy and they blew their money at the casino, and basically they needed about $300 to get back home. I ended up calling a friend of mine ...