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Reviews, complaints, fraud and scams reports

Anselmo Llobera
Thiefs, The hague

Anselmo Llobera have me lost 240 000$, he is a theif, he will robb you a lot of money, he did with many clients, as Gustavo Zamora and the CIA agent Vicky Lynn Zamora, these 3 individuals will robb you a lot of money and you will have no where to go to get it back. A police report at the Risjwijk Police was filed. Anselmo ...
Trolls, frauds, abusive

ExpertLaw has a forum with the words "Ask a lawyer online, " that invites the user to seek free legal advice from volunteer attorneys. The people who reply are very likely not attorneys. Often their "advice" is verifiably false, and more often than not the people of that forum use the circumstances of a post to bully and abuse ...