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Crumley roberts attorneys

I got in a auto accident back in August of last year of course the insurance company doesn't want to pay that much back but when my attorney told me the offer that they made which was not even enough to cover my medical bills I asked what can be done because I don't want to be in debt he said he was unsure because the ball is ...

Sallie Mae
Mystery Interest

I paid a lot of money to get my payments well above the interest accrued monthly on my loan. That way every month most of it will go to accrued interest and then the rest to the principal. I even paid even more than that to get ahead of the excess interest that had already accumulated. (Because no one wants to tell you your ...
Services not rendered

Promises made that were not kept. Customer service was incredibly ineffective. The amount of time i spent on hold i could have made enough money to pay for the consultation fee with an attorney. Do not believe their rhetoric, i did not see where they could save me anything over a in-person meeting with attorney. ...