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This company has made fraudulant charges on the account of my son whom's only income is from SSI disability wich is only $ 721.00 a month whom has no knowledge of why theese charges were debited from his account. My son has traumatic brain injuries and is unable to take care of alot of things for himself exspecially when it comes to handleing things like this and i am his power of attorney by the way, so when i tied to have them credit this money back to his account and confirm the fact that the charges were fraudulant an the fact that he had no knowledge of the transactions being made i was told that they could go ahead an cancell the subscriptions or account for this for the transactions supposedly made by him but as far as weather or not they were going to refund the money back to his account for the debits to his account that were fraudulantly taken from his account they could not and would not be able to give me confirmation that he was going to be refunded back the money that they stoled from his account without his permission wich was a total of $109.85 in charges to his debit account that they took out of his account in two days time once on 12/26/2014 at 8:37am for $69.90 and again on 12/28/2014 for $39.95 at 8:18 pm. So due to this my son now has a negative ballance on his account wich has also caused him to be behind on the rent of his home because of now haveing insufficient funds in his account to cover his rent available and has caused him to get charged a fee for insuficient funds on his account as well as late fees that are going to be owed on his rent till he comes up with the money somehow that is not available to him till next month wich could be as much as $25.00 a day wich could cause him to be homeless along with its trinkle down affect from this wich means no money for electricity or food till he can get the mess cleared up some how god willing, plus the stress from all this could very well have an affect on his physical and mental health wich could possibly cause irreversable damage that could signifacantly affect his well being and cause him undue stress and an increase in siezures and potentially cause more damage to his brain than he originally has already had in the first place wich has led to his being disabled and haveing to live on such a limited income and no resources to be able to cover theese frudulant charges to his account made by EPOCH.com CAUS even if they were to refund the money back to his account right away damage has already been done causing him unnesasary fees and charges that should have never been owed by him to begain with that he is now unable to get out of paying due to the fraudulant charges to his account being made causeing a loss of time and energy haveing to be made by him and myself to try and get this money refunded back to him that he is owed along with causeing him a hardship to his way of liveing and a loss to his physical and mental well being to say the least, so as far as the total cost of the monatray damages as of now it would rouphly be a minimum of an aditional $100 dollars for the extra fees and charges he now owes as of today alone if he had the money to take care of this wich he does not have at this time wich will be increasing daily untill he is able to pay the charges or till he gets kicked out of his home which ever manages to come first because i do not have the extra funds to help him at this time without causeing myself to wind up in the same kind of mess due to late fees and such. The total of all damages due to this fraudulant charges made to my sons account can not reasonably be calculated to find the total loss and damages caused to my son due to EPOCH.com CAUS at this time

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