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Sprint phone return

I returned a phone on 3/31/15 to a local sprint store, to which they told me they couldn't give me cash back and that they would have to send a check in the mail and that it would take up to two weeks. I waited and received no check so I called customer service to find ut where it was and they didn't know what happened to it ...

Boost Mobile
Scamming customers out of hotspot fees

First of all I would like to say that I have had boost mobile for 5 years. This year has been the worst year of customer / client services. Recently, last week I call Boost Mobile regarding the their server down there was no pinging from the server. Customer Care stated that it was on my end and I needed to update all my ...

Cricket Wireless

Cricket corporate u guys are crap worst company I've ever seen. This is twice we had to turn our phones on that u shut off. You guys should pay us some gas money for having to make constant trips to cricket. I'll tell everyone do not trust cricket. I'll give u a 0100 review bad bad. ...