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Sprint cell phones with really bad reception

I just found out today that sprint has put over 2000.00 bill on my credit report and i never even received any bills from them after i told them to cancel my subscription because i couldn't get reception where i lived and this was after lie after lie telling me that they was working on the towers in my area but yet it never did ...

Complaint - Android

I just installed the game six guns and now it is saying that "you are banned to play this game due to suspicious activities" but i haven't done any illegal activity so, it is my firm request to you to help me out with this problem and also it will be helpful if you send me a ticket id. Thank you in advance. ...

Samsung America
I hate samsung now

Just got a samsung software update on my galaxy s5 and they ruined menu, and calc, havent noticed what else they changed but they turned my easy to read black menus to a super bright white menu that burns my eyes so I cant barely read anything, wtf samsung? What gives you the right to change my menu colors and not let me change ...