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Verizon Wireless
Honor your word

I have been with Verizon over 4 years. Never was late on a payment and personally was happy with my February I switched only because it would be cheaper for me. Before I switched I asked the store employee how much my total cost (including my edge contract) would be to cancel and be done with my payments would be and ...

Wireless billing - verizon fios tv

I have opened an online account and set up online billing and payments. For 3 months their site has changed my settings no paper bill no e bill when I get the late notice customer service can't help. Snotty! Now I am 10 days late and when I went on line to pay my May bill on 5/10/15 they gave me no other option except to pay ...

Sprint cell phones with really bad reception

I just found out today that sprint has put over 2000.00 bill on my credit report and i never even received any bills from them after i told them to cancel my subscription because i couldn't get reception where i lived and this was after lie after lie telling me that they was working on the towers in my area but yet it never did ...