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Verizon Wireless
Verizon almost scammed me

I went to one of their stores in my home town because i needed 3 new phones. 2 were broken and i needed a new one for my daughter. Well they told me if i had 3 lines that would be 399.99 for each phone but since i didn't have the 2 year contract they would have to add another extra line i didn't even need. But in reality i ...

Verizon Wireless
Verizon will Harass you!

I have been a customer for over 14 years until yesterday. I have never been treated so poorly in the past few years. The first is if a bill is due on the 4th and I choose to pay it 20 days later - which i know is late - I should not be punished with 9 phone calls a day from Verizon from day 10 and on... You would think that i ...

Verizon Wireless
Verizon wireless

Omg! What a pain in the butt verizon is! I have been duped into staying with them by all the promises and lies that never came true. I spent almost 2 hours talking to a customer service and she convinced me to stay with them with all the goodies that she promised but never delivered. First she said we will get the following - ...

HTC one poor customer service

It was time to upgrade my phone, so after looking at the different phones available, I settled on the HTC One. The phone fit my needs, so bought 2, one for my wife, one for myself. After 4 months the screen completly shattered. I always leave my phones in my cars if I am going in somewhere that I won't be using the phone, have ...

Sprint is a fraud - cell phone contract

Had service for 6 days total. Sprint tried to charge me $400.00. Took months then they lowered it to $181.00. This after numerous phone calls. They even had a collection agency call me repeatedly. I settled with their collections agency called ACF for $140 after six months of this mess. Their rep told me that if you have ...