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Sprint lies about cutting bill in half

I'm a sprint customer I recently changed from at&t because I thought I was over paying with them and I saw that sprint could cut your bill in half and they told me that I would only be paying around 190.00 at the most with taxes and everything included as the first month went by the bill was still high and for this months bill ...

Terrible company

It is very bad company. The commutation is very bad. And also they have worse customer service ever. They scam customers. As soon as I finish my contract I will not renew with them. And they laid to me about my discount and I called every time they find different lie ...

Horrible they try and rip you off

I was a customer with sprint for a couple years and the decided to cancel the service. Their customer service while i was with them was good but until i wanted to cancel. They hit me with the ETF fee and the balance on the i financed whatever. So i paid it and the lady tells me that i was paying for my ETF fee and the balance ...