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Samsung Mobiles
Samsung Galaxy 5

My son, who is very careful with his phone and has a protective case on the phone, received the update information. He updated the phone and DISASTER followed. The phone began to overheat. Very hot and losing charge quickly. The phone overheated and caused a hairline crack in the top of the screen. We went into the Verizon ...

Sprint Corporation
Sprint has zero loyalty

15 years with them and I'm having phone issues so I was going to buy another phone from them. After checking the contract I was 74 days short. Sprint says sorry cant help you, but you can buy a new phone at full price! REALLY SPRINT 74 DAYS after being a customer for 15 years. However they did tell me that if I cancel my ...

Verizon Wireless
Avoid Verizon - Ipone

Verizon is my least favorite company. Sales rep in the verizon store, with a verizon name tag and shirt, sold me an iphone with the assurance that if you move out of the country before you complete the contract and Verizon does not have any service there, then you can cancel your contract without a penalty. I asked specifically ...