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Reynard Agency
Unhelpful and poor service

I approached Les Reynard of Reynard Agencies for assistance in sending out an email to the owners of our complex. A gentle reminder regarding private use parking bays as my bay was being utilised by others. I was disappointed in how my simple request was turned into a back and forth about how it is not their problem, a useless ...

Ford pintown
Engine mailfunction

They refuse to assit with a curtacy car with a car they sold us nearly lost my family because of them. My holiday is in a mess because of that. Engin mailfunction on a freeway is no joke! They say they will fix it but how long must i sit without car to go shop or do things with my kids unexceptable! Want answers want some done ...

Fiji airways

My husband and I flew Fiji Airways to Vanuatu. Shortly after booking the flight I realized I made a mistake on the return date. I called immediately and was told there would be no charge due to my quick attention. I received numerous confirmations over the course of 7 months. We flew from LAX to Vanuatu with no problems or any ...