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Vusi malume

Ever since I bought your OVHD decoder I constently get this error "E04: This service is not aurhorised by operator for viewing".in the past I sent the OSSD serial number to *120*6843#, but not it's telling me that I have exceeded the amount of times registering the number and now I must contact your call centre. I can ...


I was in the drive thru at the cookout on western blvrd when I saw an African american male with a black cookout shirt about 5'6 cursing at employees when it didn't seem as if they were doing anything wrong he also pushed an African America female with glasses to the wall I don't know if they were playing but my food was also ...

Scammed by Ikhokha

Our Company processed transactions using your Ikhokha machine for many months now. We received a notification that one of our last transactions had been marked as fraudulent. The Transaction had been done via a debit card. The Client used a valid card and the correct Pin Number. The account had the available funds to cover the ...