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Smile Propery group
Deposit thieves

2 years ago I decided to rent a unit against my better judgement, from Smile Properties. I was apprehensive due to the long list of unpleasant complaints I saw on Hellopeter, but I was also desperate, I took the place on offer until my contract came to an end in December 2017. Inspection was carried out on 27 December 2017. I ...

Deposit Money withheld on False Charges

I am from a different estate also run by Natrent and had heard the horror stories before. As I had lived in the apartment for 6 years and they had never done any repainting and it was due they decided to put all that on my account yet on the day I surrendered the keys all they did was to clean up a the cupboards and do a ...

Xaris Property
Unethical business

They treat their clients with no respect and they do not adhere to contract agreements. They make issues personal and harass you until they get their way. This is unethical and as a service industry - utterly unprofessional! Keep your business away from them! Attie does not respect his clients to any degree. ...

Soukop Montclair

We put an offer to purchase a house through Soukop Montclair, Durban 3-2-17. Seller came back and counter offered and we accepted 4-2-7. All confirmation was received via WhatsApp. The agent from Soukop said we would meet the Monday 6-2-17 to finalise everything but we were not to worry as we had a confirmation via WhatsApp. I ...