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Hello the christian community actions is so fake people oe god them so call christian lie you go up there ask for help and alot of them is very race donot really want to help blacks them so call ch

Hi this is about christiancommunityaction them peolpe is for self them people have all thems stores and caneven help when a person is really hurting if god talks to them they should know and a black person come in really for help treat you like nobody for a sack of food the so call christians need get there heart right with god ...

Nancy [email protected] Moon Farm
Nancy LaPorta Brown Stolen Donations for her to live on..

Ms. Brown continues to funnel donations intended for the wolfdogs to her private residence for organic food, internet access to harass others plus funding travel for others. Despite NC regulations prohibiting her from adopting out animals, she has continued to break the law adopting out wolfdogs (?) and doggie dogs to ...