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Nancy [email protected] Moon Farm
Nancy LaPorta Brown Stolen Donations for her to live on..

Ms. Brown continues to funnel donations intended for the wolfdogs to her private residence for organic food, internet access to harass others plus funding travel for others. Despite NC regulations prohibiting her from adopting out animals, she has continued to break the law adopting out wolfdogs (?) and doggie dogs to ...

The Kris Kelly Foundation, Kris Kelly
Alicia Cozolino, Kris Kelly Kris Kelly Foundation Kris Kelly, The Kris Kelly "Foundation" is a Complete Fraud.

On the Kris Kelly Foundation page, as well as other news article about Kris Kelly, she states, " "I don't rescue animals, they rescue me." Ya got THAT right! She pockes all the money from them! D*n straight they are rescuing HER! This organization, 'foundation", "rescue" is a joke. The woman buys clothes, jewelery and pays ...

Good cause ventures
Paul gaudet. Michael oulette stealing from the public and employees. Taking donations for charities for themselves

I worked for good cause ventures last year with the idea that we were raising money for non profits and a SMALL portion of the money was used for payroll. Boy was i wrong! The money lined the owners pockets. They say 20% of the donations went to make a wish and American diabetes. That is crazy enough that peoples donations ...