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Paul Grey
Complete liar, crook, thief, owner of eurotech and ex owner of ukfootballacademy which he shut down due to bad reviews

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I headed across the world in search for an opportunity at a pro contract which this guy promised. This has been my dream all my life and I have been training hard daily to make this happen. After researching the internet thoroughly I chose to register an expression of interest for eurotech academy as it's website promised the best facilities opportunities and so much more. He has a website called eurotech football academy which states thousands of false truths. I could rant on about all the lies he said that convinced my not so wealthy family and I to put a large sum of money into allowing my participation in the academy but there's no point. As soon as I expressed my interest via email, he was calling me nightly about all the opportunities it would provide me and how there's hardly any spots left which was also a lie. On his website was a list of 6 pro clubs we were going to play against during my seven week stay and it turned out we played none of them.in fact we only versed one team over the whole seven weeks, a local teams u18 side who were in the equivalent of about division 8. The whole thing was an absolute disgrace. As I put in at every training session although they were of poor quality and he made me captain of the team. His website mentions caretakers that stay with us physios and multiple experienced coaches as well as other staff members that make up his 'quality' team at Euro tech.in actual fact he is the one and only member of staff he is the only coach and a complete joke. He also promised three meals a day some days we only got one which was cereal with off milk. 95% of the time we weren't even training in fact nothing was organised for us we just sat in a cheap hotel. He went from saying it's seven days a week intense training when actually we do nothing on the weekends (didn't even get lunch) and he turned Monday's training session into us jogging along a footpath whilst he had the day off. He never even payed me back for things I mentioned multiple times such as buying the team milk and paying for a taxi because he couldn't pick me up. He had no idea what some of the boys got up to, to my disgrace. I beg nobody to ever sign up for anything related to Paul grey and definately not Euro tech. I hope I have convinced you not too if you were going to. He targets and abuses international players. And after complaining to him about the faults he doesn't even reply so obviously he did not provide refunds. He is also a very rude man and a complete crook if I had the money I would take him to court.'Media training' was actually get pressured into advertising his business online and on Facebook or don't get to train. He is a disgrace to mankind. Don't believe anything on the internet that says anything good about this guy he also has a Facebook page and I would love it if everyone that sees this writes a complaint on it as it may help to shut his academy down. Thanks for reading

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Offender: Paul Grey

Country: United Kingdom   State: England   City: Blackpool
Phone: 448452996166
Site: eurotech-footballcentre.com

Category: Scam, Fake


Eurotech Football Centre Ltd March 7, 2017 8:28 AM
We are compelled to respond, what you have omitted to say in your 'complaint' is having attended Eurotech Football Academy for total period of the 6 weeks you registered for, we ask you as to why no complaint was made during your stay? You actively resided in our accommodation, ate the food supplied to you and trained on a daily basis? You even questioned as to why you were end to run during a training session? Eurotech are a fully registered company and take pride that we fully pay our VAT Customs tax, therefore how can we be a fake company? We also ask you Mathew Donnelly of Australia having made this complaint, why did you expect a FULL refund when you completed the Academy course expect for the final 2 days after eating the food supplied, staying in the Academy accommodation and regular training? We also ask why if it is so strong a complaint why did you not register your full name and details to this complaint? You seems to adopt a 'complain & run' attitude. You also failed to mention that you were due to attend a trial at a Professional Football Club however, you chose to spend that weekend away from the Academy and visiting Friends, plus also you should realise that maybe your Football ability and attitude were not at the required standard needed to progress. Eurotech welcome feedback but your complaint was spiteful malicious and on the whole INCORRECT.

We welcome customers past, present and future if they wish to contact us directly to establish facts and evidence we can provide that this complaint is false and unjust, we will happily provide.
Contact us at admin@eurotech-footballcentre.com
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