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I am demanding not only the $234 dollars I have payed for this robbery of prize announcements

Let me begin with me, I am 20 and I suffered Anorexia Nervosa since 13, I have never being able to work. I believed that maybe this was true because I have suffered very much and I was thinking about in the near future make a family. I wasted time, stress, anxiety since I was declared Bipolar 1 at 19, since then I really dont ...

Turbocharger replaced by unskilled workers

A few weeks ago my car was taken for a turbocharger replacement at Turbopacs Ltd in Durham. After a chat and a reasonable quote I decided to go ahead with changing it and getting the DPF cleaned. After 3 days I got the car back, paid £200 on top of the quoted price and got told that I'll receive the receipt on my e-mail. That's ...

Martin Arike
Professional con man in Muskoka

Martin Arike does not pay rent to live at his victims houses. Disguised as an architect Martin infiltrated his way into the Muskokas manipulating people to believe he is a successful aspiring house designer. What in fact was and still is the truth, is that Martin is on Welfare. He also has been evicted from a half dozen houses ...