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Chubb Fire & Security

I cancelled chubb contract due to poor service and called then end of January 2015 to cancel my contract. I was told my Indreshni that there will be no payment on my monthly subscription for Feb and that only technician call up fee will need to be deducted in March. To my surprise chubb has debited my account this month. I send ...

Security Experts
Sales Garbage, NO after sales service!

We ordered a carport and chose a specific day for the installation agreed to by both parties. Security Experts promptly chose a different day for the installation and fortunately I called a week prior to the installation to confirm that all was in order only to discover that the installation date was incorrect. Security Experts ...

Chubb Fire & Security
Third time lucky!

For the second time now, Chubb armed response service came more than an hour later after my alarm system went off. The first time it happened i gave them the benefit of the doubt as it was the first time that it happened. But when it happened for the second time - 25/02/2015 - i became worried. What if this happens again and ...