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POOR Service from Cartrack

Our company has sold one of our vehicles and requested a tracking unit to be removed and fitted into one of our other vehicles. We submitted the form with the proof of payment to Cartrack on the 13 February. We then had to constantly phone a lot of people basically begging to find out when the unit will be removed eventually ...

Adt Security
Disgusting service!

Fence alarm activation by someone and at no point did we receive a call from the call center to check all was ok. My parents are elderly people, I am currently disabled after a major operation and would not be able to assist if something happened. 40 minutes after the activation an armed response officer arrived. If anything ...

Adt Security
Adt has no inegrity in dealing with client

I was furnished with an alarm system which does not work properly and kept giving me endless problems. The contract was very poorly serviced and at times not serviced at all. I gave ADT numerous opportunities to rectify the problem. They came into my home and ruined my property with poor workmanship. I have complained endlessly ...

Altech Netsta
I want my name cleared and i want my money

Last year I took car insurance with First for Women and then after a month I released that I will not afford their premiums and they agreed because they could not offer anything less, but they said I must also call Altech Nestar to cancel Tracker on my car and I told 1st for Women that I have no business with Altech Nestar is ...