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Alan Wakelin

I placed an order with Alan and paid R5000 ZAR. No delivery, not answering calls or messages. First said he shipped out following day, then couriers lost parcel and it will be delivered on following day. Still nothing and impossible to get hold of him. If you want to order he will be quick to answer you and be very nice till ...

Treated like a thief I'm very unhappy

My name is Remano kelone Pillay I have a account with Betxchange  I opened this account about 7 years ago. I used to put in a lot of money but when it came time to withdraw they suspended my account. I have been trying to re-open my account for the last 2 years but every time I call in nobody wants to help me. All the people ...

J Ryder group
Fraud Owes Money

J Ryder Group owes us over $45, 000 dollars . . from a golf event in which they stole the money from us The American Liver Foundation . . they are a scam and cannot pay anything substantial . . their references are bogus and affiliations are all lies ...