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Complaint / review / scam report
Power Places Tours
Lost $11k and threatened with lawsuits for telling the Truth about Power Places Tours

Complaint / review text:
Power Places Tours have unveiled their next tour to Macchu Picchu with Gregg Braden in 2014.

At the same time – Power Places Tours and Gregg Braden remain in denial with regard to serious ethical concerns despite many online reviews/blogs documenting all kinds of issues ranging from harassment, threats, fraud, contempt of court and defrauding travellers.

In 2012 I was threatened with a defamation case for telling the truth about Power Places Tours – Gregg Braden’s travel company – a company with serious integrity issues.

Be cautious of Theresa Weiss – masquerading as a professional tour operator.in reality, this individual consorts with fraudsters and other undesirables behind the scenes – and employs associates to have people threatened for speaking up. She also employs computer hackers to try and remove blogs that alert people to the truth.

I withdrew from speaking at the Yucatan 2012 event after being threatened with violence from associates of Power Places Tours were I to speak up about ethical concerns. I discovered the manager Theresa Weiss – in complicity with Gregg Braden as well as other employees – routinely defrauded travellers, harassed people, threatened people and generally behaved in ways incompatible with having an amazing trip to a sacred site and Transforming at Source – the theme of the event.

After discovering that I wrote about karmic clearing and being in integrity in Keys to Immortality they became very afraid that I would see through their deceptions and then behaved in a way that prevented me from presenting at the conference. After having procured a copy of the book – they said the content was not suitable for the conference (after having paid them to attend) – and then they threatened to kick me off the tour if I did not re-edit the book or if I was to speak in a way that challenged their corrupt ethical stance.

They also lent a helping hand to another presenter and helped her to defraud monies from my own bank accounts and to into my Amazon accounts. Later in 2013 they began to systematically make hacking attempts on my own websites to remove blogs and videos.

They also threatened me and my wife with suppression and monitoring of our speech, isolation on the trip from other people, having no vegan food provided for us, lawsuits and abandonment in a foreign country.

They then retained $7,000 of deposits and trip payments after we were forced to withdraw. I also lost a significant amount due to lost income (inability to present) - at least $50k

If you have a basic level of self respect and want to save yourself a lot of unpleasantness – leave this company well alone.

The management are rude, disrespectful and lack a common sense approach to ethics one would expect such a company to display.

In 2012 and 2013 – 11 separate individuals were cheated, threatened or defrauded in some way at the hands of Theresa Weiss.

In brief – here’s what you need to know:-

-Power Places Tours cheat, steal and lend a helping hand to criminals.

-Power Places Tours clandestinely threaten people with violence.

-Power Places Tours hire freelancers who defraud people out of their deposits and/or full payments and then vanish.

-Ex employees often speak out later:-

"I have travelled with them four times, and have seen some behind the scenes scenarios that make me question the integrity of working for them at all in any context. I am not currently in a position to slip you any gory details, but let’s just say that some aspects of “New Age” business are just as questionable as mainstream, if not heavier on the snake oil." Richard Rodgers – worked for them in 2012

"I used to work at PPT many years ago. The “surcharge” has always been a standard there. It has nothing to do with any fuel surcharge at all, it’s just bad management. The owners Toby & Teri Weiss are desperate for clients so they underquote in the hope of getting enough people on a tour. They need 10 people to sign up to give a free space to Gregg Braden or whomever the speaker is. If that number is not achieved then the cost passes on to you in the form of a surcharge. Another reason is that someone did not factor in all the costs correctly or the wife Terri decided to join the trip for free at your expense or they did not book the space when they should have and later when the costs went up they found that they did not make enough profit, there are myriad of reasons why they make up the surcharge. You would think that a couple who organized tours about mind, body and spirit would be a little evolved but they are very callous and there is nothing spiritual about them. It’s all about the money. They live and keep their money offshore in St Croix and just have someone in Denver act like an adminstrative asst. All their staff always hated them intensely and the speakers just tolerate them for the free trips." Ramona worked for them in 2011 and 2012

-Power Places Tours are currently not recommmended for female travellers concerned about safety in a foreign country. If you have a safety concern – expect to be harassed to keep silent, threatened with a lawsuit or being abandoned in a foreign country with no ticket and no reimbursement. Be careful!

-Gregg Braden gives a silent ‘OK’ and agrees all the above is acceptable conduct.

-If you are signed up and have a balance to pay use a credit card. Then you can claim a refund if there is a problem.

-If you have a special diet (even just being a vegan) – the company cannot provide this for you.

-If you are a speaker – be aware that if you discover something unethical behind the scenes – things could get unpleasant and challenging for you.

-Be aware they may try and censor your speech or ‘look your books over’ for anything not in alignment with their values of hiding unethical secrets or maintaining a ‘status quo’ grounded in lies and deception.

-You may find there are better venues for you to speak at. Whatever you are promised is likely to be a lie. Be careful!

Before deciding whether to risk a large amount of money to see Gregg Braden or take a tour with Power Places Tours – take a few moments to find out what is really going on behind the scenes at Power Places Tours.

Use discernment.

-Attending one of these tours may be bad for your vibration and your bank account!

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Author: Contact with Author

Offender: Power Places Tours

   State: Colorado   City: Colorado Springs
Address: 6755 Earl Drive

Category: Traveling & Tourism


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