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DSTV Multichoice
No Call to resolve their error

I am disgusted by the lack of service by DSTV... 4 weeks ago my viewing was cut off because of non payment. I called the call center because I was on the debit order option for their pricelock plan. the lady I spoke to said that my debit order was changed for the 1st and I specifically requested the 25th. I was told that ...

Dish and phone service - dish and phone service

Worst company ever!!! The customer service is made up of quick one liners and apologies. Service is horrible and does not measure up to promises. They will wack you with all kinds of large cancelation fees after they fail to help you. If i can save one person from their aggravation and keep some money in someones pocket instead ...

Dish Network
Horrible service

Service was horrible, the employees dont know their job and I was lied to not once but twice and no one helped me resolve the issue. They can Bill me and I will dispute them all the way to the end. Horrible company stay away ...

Disney Channel
Phineas and Fe

The only thing I ever watch from Disney channel is this show. I've watched it for ever and my 50 year old dad would watch it together for years. This TV show is the only thing that makes me feel like I did 5 years ago, sitting in the couch watching tv with my dad. Laughing at the jokes together, enjoying the show. When HD came ...