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Todd English
The worst pans ever!

I purchased two Todd English greenpans from hsn claiming to be nonstick. Don't believe it everything sticks to these pans, what a waste of money not to mention all the food I have had to throw away from being ruined by these pans. I am so disappointed that I will no longer use them, these pans are such a headache to use and are ...

Charter Communications
Internet broke - Internet.

I have never ever in my life seen such a terrible provider. Daily, the Internet goes out and I have to call in support. Every day! Every night at 11pm the Internet is to slow to do anything with, every night! Charter is awful you have been the worst provider I have ever had to deal with. I will forever talk down about your ...

Disney Channel
"Be a princess" commercials

I am a father of two sons. Generally, I am home on weekends, and the boys enjoy watching the Disney Channel on the weekends. I have noted that the "Be a Princess" commercial is shown rather frequently (frequently enough for me to notice and become annoyed with). There is nothing wrong with showing this "Be a Princess" ...