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Directv poor business management

We have had nothing but problems with directv. This is our 2nd time having there service and the first time we loved it but that is no more. I would not recommend them to anyone. They tell you one thing and do another and than say they couldn't do that. THEN why did you set it up??? Never again!!! ...

Hughesnet SCAMS people out of money!

I had to cancel my service (and it was terrible service to begin with) because I was moving. I knew I would have to return equipment so I called a Tech and specifically asked them what I would need to take with me to return to them later. I was told just the modem, and the small receiver box. I described both of them to the ...

The past

The old shows that Disney used to show were amazing. Everybody loved them and you took them off for no good reason. Kids don't know the older shows so they don't know what they are like. Bring back the older shows because they are a million times better than the new shows that nobody likes. And it's ok if they are re-runs, it ...

Charter Communications
Internet broke - Internet.

I have never ever in my life seen such a terrible provider. Daily, the Internet goes out and I have to call in support. Every day! Every night at 11pm the Internet is to slow to do anything with, every night! Charter is awful you have been the worst provider I have ever had to deal with. I will forever talk down about your ...

Time Warner Cable
Twc not honoring a promo offer

I am a longtime customer of TWC. I received a letter dated Feb. 12,2015 that informed me that I was nearing an end to my original promo agreement and that there would be a new offer (just a little more than my current bill) if I would stay on with them. I agreed. After only one month of being billed per the agreement TWC hiked ...