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Direct TV

I will also be including Verizon Hoem Phone service. It all started when I called verizon to ask about their long distance calling plan, at that time they offered a bundle package. Add Direct tv and I would recive a discount. I asked if they had local chanals. Oh yes, of corse said the rep. So I signed up. They came out and ...

Comcast Cable
North Port, Florida Comcast did not provide proper service, lying, demeaning, incompetence, and wanted me to pay for it. North Port

I reported to Comcast that I had poor reception on my TV, no phone and no internet connection. They stated that I would see a service technician in 4 days in the AM hours. I called Comcast to report that the technician never showed up. Comcast stated that I did not have an internet modem. I explained that I bought the modem ...

Adelpiia Cable
Rip-off assisted by poor employees.

I have been an on again off again customer for a few years now. Well I have always held suspect that in some manner I was being overcharged, but every call yielded nothing. They called me to tell me about disconnect becaus eoverdue bill? Hadn't gotten my bill yet? Explained the partial lack of service, asked for refund. No. ...