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Time Warner Cable
TV commercial unethical - XBOX

The most recent Time Warner Cable TV commercial shows a girl lying to her parents after her boyfriend comes over. She tells her parents " We're going to do homework, ". Then it shows the two of them sitting in front of a Xbox. Do you seriously want to advocate this type of deceptive behavior? ...

Time Warner Cable
Horrible company

Time Warner Cable needs to be SHUT DOWN! The are the most horrific company ever to be established on planet earth. The need to be given a negative negative. It is sad they have to harass people for a past due amount in 2013 that WAS taken care of. Oh but wait, no here in 2015 they say, TWC, that I did not take care of that ...

Time Warner Cable
Time Warner Cable Service

I am a very unhappy customer. After being a loyal insight customer for over ten years, I have had nothing but billing problems to laggy internet with you Time Warner the two years I have had the pleasure of dealing with your company, I have lost customers due to internet stability, and when I reached my end I contacted ...

Comcast Infinity
Misrepresentation of costs

My mother, which I help out at times since she’s 87 years old, has had Infinity for a few years with TV, phone and Internet. Her modem started having trouble so I took it in to Infinity to exchange. The person at the counter claimed she could save money each month by switching to a new bundle, adding security. I told the lady ...