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Time Warner Cable
TV commercial unethical - XBOX

The most recent Time Warner Cable TV commercial shows a girl lying to her parents after her boyfriend comes over. She tells her parents " We're going to do homework, ". Then it shows the two of them sitting in front of a Xbox. Do you seriously want to advocate this type of deceptive behavior? ...

Dish Network
Dish network

What is wrong with these copanies when you want to cancel, dish wants to charge me 10.00 for thier box i already have a box i chatted with someone they only was going to charge me 10.00, but then i got their freaking bill they are still charging then the nerve of them they say to recycle on the box which i did i am only sending ...

Disney Channel
Too late

They really need to put the actual disney channel shows on earlier instead of the disney jr. Ones. I am a early bird so i get up and want to watch t. V. But all thats on is stinking old disney jr.!!! ...